Everybody wants to save a dollar, especially on appliances where those dollars are saving! One of the best ways to do that is to invest in scratch and dent, floor model and clearance appliances, where you will always get the original manufacturer's warranty

Display or Floor Models:

floor model I would like to talk about display appliances, or "floor models". Many of these devices are new and on display and will only have been touched when people look at that particular model to get an idea of storage or size. After some time, we will bring in new models of appliances, or different models within the manufacturer's lines and the products that we have the floor must need to go somewhere! Since the "out of box" appliances, vs. "New in box", discounts are taken, that display space is reclaim. The point being is that these items are not always plugged in These are some of the best values in appliance stores like Metropolitan Appliance.

We love to sell floor models since they are new, so we know that there will be no issues. Which brings us to delivery Since these items are definitely in stock, they can be delivered very soon to you as all "new in box" devices need to be ordered and that process can take up to two weeks or longer if the item is in high demand and / or really unique

As a general rule, you will see discounts from 10% to 15% on these display items This may not seem like huge savings, but when you are looking at a $ 2500 refrigerator, those dollars keep adding! The longer that we had had an item on the floor for display and to the extent that the unit is showing some wear, usually the higher the discount will be.